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Picking the Right Guitar

Shopping for a guitar is exciting, but also intimidating. If you don’t want to end up with one that’s wrong for you, follow our advice.

Electric or Acoustic?

Decide if you want an electric or acoustic guitar. You may want to consider opting for an acoustic guitar if you have only started playing music. Acoustic guitars don’t need any kind of equipment, other than a pick and tuner. Electric guitars, on the other hand, need amplification tools as well as other devices like cables, pedals, and more.

Consider the Size

There are guitars with small bodies, and some guitar shops near you some may offer miniature guitars if that’s the right option for your size. If you are not quite sure about your size, though, do not be afraid to reach out to a shop. They can help you pick out a guitar in a size that’s right for you.

Count the Cost

If this is your first guitar, you don’t have to pick one that’ll cost you an arm and leg. Look for affordable options, and most importantly, reputable options. For instance, a shop that’s selling Duesenberg guitars in Scottsdale should be pricing them anywhere from $2,500 - $4,200. Be suspicious of guitar shops in Scottsdale or online that are selling over-price or extremely cheap guitars.

Decide on the Style

What kind of musical styles appeal to you? What can you imagine yourself learning and playing for years and years to come? Some types of musical styles are more often associated with a certain type of guitar while others can be played on a slew of different guitar bodies without any problems.

Look for a Reputable Shop

Do your homework. Make sure you order the guitar from a reputable and reliable source or shop online. By getting a trustworthy shop, you can buy with confidence and ease. Interested in Duesenberg guitars in Scottsdale? Visit Underground Sound today.

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