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5 Damaging Mistakes Electric Guitar Players Make and How to Avoid Them

There is nothing like the feeling of getting your very first guitar-- every chord, every strum, every note is magical. Guitar players are very passionate people. They practice hard, and they put their guitar playing to heart. Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that you can make when you’re excited to start using your electric guitar.

1. Speed Over Accuracy

Legends like Eddie Van Halen did not get that good overnight. It is natural to want to be him. Know that it took hard work, constant practice and proper playing for years is the key to their success. Choose accuracy over speed. Make sure your fingers are on the correct note, and you can move them on the fretboard the proper way. Practice good techniques, and eventually, once you get the hang of it, speed will follow.

2. Strong Strumming

Electric guitars, like Duesenberg guitars, are often associated with power and energy. You don’t need to channel all that power to your strumming. Proper and correct strumming with your pick will still give you the right tone that you need. Strumming too strongly leads to sore fingers.

3. Not Tuning the Guitar

Amplifiers are used to get the sound out from the electric guitar. If the guitar is not toned correctly, people will hear it. Tuning the instrument is one of the most important habits that you should develop.

4. Messing with the Amplifier

You were shopping around Scottsdale and finally found the vintage Gibson guitar of your dreams. You want to make sure everyone hears it. However, there are sound engineers for a reason. They hate it when during a performance, you all of a sudden decide that you want to amp up the volume. Before a concert or a gig, sound engineers have already set up the proper setting on the amplifiers. Making changes to it will mess it up and can affect the sound that the audience can hear. Hands off of the speaker.

5. Ignoring Theory

Don’t rely on natural talent alone. Nothing beats studying the notes and learning how to read them. Theory helps you when your memory slips. Note reading also allows you to be a versatile player, playing different genres.

One mistake you never have to make is buying the guitar wrong for you. At Underground Sound, our guitar experts can ensure that your first or tenth guitar is perfect for you. Come down to our guitar studio in Scottsdale today.

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