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Guitar Adjustment 101

Finding a good guitar studio in Scottsdale to have your acoustic guitar adjusted and tuned can prove to be a challenge. For your guitar’s sake, it’s vital that you work with experts. One way to tell if you’re working with guitar experts is to be able to answer: what exactly is guitar adjustment?

Understanding Guitar Adjustments

A guitar adjustment consists of a series of changes made to your acoustic guitar, guaranteeing that it is in good shape and playable. Whether you own a Collings guitar or vintage Martin, this basic maintenance returns it to the condition that it was in when you purchased it to extend its life and guarantee that you get the most for your money.

Guitar Adjustments and Truss Rods

Acoustic guitars made after the 1980’s feature a truss rod in the neck, but nylon string guitars will usually forego this feature. In any case, the truss rod is a rod inside the neck that can apply tension to the collar itself. This will dictate how far the strings rise from the fretboard. While a hex nut usually controls this, it is still a good idea to have adjustments carried out by a trained professional to prevent any potential damage.

Taking Care of the Action

As mentioned before, the action determines just how high the strings sit off the fretboard. A tightened rod means a lower step and a loosened rod means a higher action. If you are a beginner guitar player, then your next guitar adjustment might need to see a tighter neck, but more advanced players who want different pitches and tunes might try to deviate from this formula.

Fret Cleaning

Over time the frets on your guitar can gain dirt buildup which means you will either need to do it yourself or seek out a professional. Typically, you would use a fret cleaner and a pick, though professionals tend to have much better tools at their disposal.

When you purchase a guitar in Scottsdale, make sure you buy from trained professionals who value these amazing instruments. Shop at Underground Sound for the ultimate guitar-buying experience in Scottsdale’s finest guitar studio.

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